Reakor Live is a live performance created by selecting and manipulating modules from the NI Reaktor User Library.
These modules are like wild animals, difficult to tame, so all imperfections (clicks, glitches, sound jumps) are part of this ‘taming process’ and a consequence of the live nature of the work.

Each piece is titled after the corresponding module used.

Since the tunes have been assembled, more than created, I have attributed credit to the initial module creator for each song.
This intentional credit attribution not only pays respect to the original creators but also underscores the collaborative and interconnected nature of the electronic music community. It’s a sincere expression of appreciation that acknowledges the diverse talents that converge to make this album possible.

You can read how and why I started to make music on the page Sir Joe Music


Module creaed by James Clark for Reaktor


Module created by Thomas Starke


Module created by Rick Scott 

Module created by Dieter Zobel 

Module created by Dieter Zobel for Reaktor


Module created by Dieter Zobel


Module created by Ernes Meyer for Reaktor


The module is actually called Krypt, created by Shay Levi


Module created by Mark Bonnington for Reaktor


Unfortunately I couldn’t find the name of the module’s creator



Another spelling mistake during the registration of the song title. The module is called Siequencer, created by Siegmar Kreie  

Module created by Stephan Becker for Reaktor



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